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John Sydney Poppitt
John Sydney Poppitt (Syd) was born in Newport, Shropshire in 1900 and died aged 104 in Australia. Following his death in 2004 his autobiography was discovered and the manuscript transcribed. He had always been an avid writer and through his detailed narrative, he describes life in the early 1900s in Newport, Wellington, Stafford and Gnosall where he resided for over 30 years. In 1923 he married Edith Mildred Friend (Millie) at St Lawrence and settled in the village opening a shop and raising his family. Millie died in 1958 and one year later Syd moved to start a new life in Australia. Even for those not related to the Poppitt family this is a truly fascinating insight into local social history of that period. Click on the link below - enjoy…..
John Sydney Poppitt
With thanks to Michael Poppitt (grandson) and other family members for sharing this story and permission to include this autobiography.
‘Millie’ & ‘Syd’
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